The Big Olive     


This was my third and last CCSVI procedure performed AAC Brooklyn, NY by Dr Scafani. My primary complaints were severe chronic fatigue, headache, vision difficulties, imbalance, numbness and tingling within the hands and feet, heat intolerance, pain and weakness in the lower extremities with spasticity. Results were good especially to my balance, headaches gone, vision improved and weakness diminished.

This time the improvements have lasted - March 2018 will be 6 years since the procedure.


1.  Obstructing septum in the right internal jugular vein treated by angioplasty.

2. Obstructing valve immobility in the left internal jugular vein treated by balloon angioplasty.  Incidental annular stenosis of the left brachiocephalic was treated by balloon angioplasty.

3.  Immobile valve (or possible sepgtum) of the azygos vein was treated by balloon angioplasty.

4.  Nutcracker syndrome of the left renal vein was seen treated by stenting.

5.  Normal left iliac vein and normal left ascending lumbar vein and lumbar veins.

A short video of my changes in mobility from 2010 - 2016. During this time I have received treatment for CCSVI to correct blood flow from my brain, Dento Skeletal Restructuring to correct asymmetries in my teeth, jaw and spine and Neuro Physiotherapy to rehabilitate my wasted muscles. I have not had an MS symptom for over four years.

My heartfelt thanks to the wonderful Dr S Sclafani, Dr M Amir and Diz @ QEF -

MRI of brain with contrast. 21 years post diagnosis - no DMDs (Disease Modifying Drugs) ever